See Butler SOS in action!

The whole SenseOps (Butler family of tools, together with support tools like InfluxDB, Prometheus, Grafana etc) stack is really a platform that can be configured and used in lots of different ways.

Be curious and bold - extend the given examples and use cases with your own! And when doing so - please consider sharing your successes (and failures..) with others, as inspiration and insight.


You are strongly recommended to use the latest version of Grafana with the latest version of Butler SOS.

That said, earlier Butler SOS versions included some nice demo dashboards too, these are still found below as a source for inspiration what can be done.

Visualising Butler SOS metrics in New Relic

New Relic is a complete SaaS product that offers both data storage and powerful, yet easy to set up and use visualisations.

Qlik Sense monitoring using Butler SOS v9.2 and Grafana v9.1

Grafana 9 adds some interesting features around alerting as well as serveral new and improved chart types.

Qlik Sense monitoring using Butler SOS v7 and Grafana v8

With version 8 Grafana further establishes its position as the leadning open source platform for obervability and real-time dashboards.
Butler SOS takes advantage of this, below a sample dashboard is shown.

Qlik Sense monitoring using Grafana 7

Grafana 7 is a big update when it comes to visualisations. Grafana was excellent already in version 6, but with v7 things are taken to a new level.

Qlik Sense monitoring using Grafana 6

Probably the most obvious and common use case for Butler SOS. View Qlik Sense and Windows operational metrics in great looking Grafana dashboards.