Reference docs

Technical reference docs and general sources of information that might be useful.

References in this site

Config file format

A detailed description of all configuration options in the main config file is available here.

Available metrics

A complete list of all metrics provided by Butler SOS is found here.

Useuful references out there

Qlik Sense APIs

Qlik’s API documentation is found here.


InfluxDB docs here.

Note that Butler SOS was developed with InfluxDB 1.x in mind. It is not currently compatible with InfluxDB 2.x.


Prometheus docs here.


Grafana docs here.


There are various MQTT brokers available, both commercial and open source.
Mosquitto is an open sourceMQTT broker with a solid track record and available as a Docker container.

There are also plenty of companies offering SaaS MQTT brokers, ranging from small specialised companies to the big cloud providers.

Command line options

Description of Butler SOS’ command line options.

Config file format

Everything you ever wanted to know about the Butler SOS configuration file.

Available Metrics

In order to create graphs in for example Grafana, you must understand what metrics are available and how they are structured.