Configuring Butler SOS logging

Heartbeats provide a way to monitor that Butler SOS is running and working as intended.
Butler SOS can send periodic heartbeat messages to a monitoring tool, which can then alert if Butler SOS hasn’t checked in as expected.

What’s this?

Butler SOS continuously logs what its doing.

The top level section Butler-SOS in the config file has a set of settings that control logging and telemetry.

Log level (verbosity) can be set, logging to disk can be enabled/disabled etc.

For more information about telemetry, please see this page.

Settings in main config file

  # Logging configuration
  logLevel: info          # Log level. Possible log levels are silly, debug, verbose, info, warn, error
  fileLogging: true       # true/false to enable/disable logging to disk file
  logDirectory: log       # Subdirectory where log files are stored
  anonTelemetry: true     # Can Butler SOS send anonymous data about what computer it is running on? 
                          # More info on whata data is collected:
                          # Please consider leaving this at true - it really helps future development of Butler SOS!
Last modified November 28, 2021: Update for v7.0 release (cdcce5e)