Configuring Butler SOS logging

Butler SOS can log its activities to console and disk files.
Log files can be useful for retrospective troubleshooting of Butler SOS.

What’s this?

Butler SOS continuously logs what its doing.
Logging is always done to console and optionally also to disk files.

The top level section Butler-SOS in the config file has a set of settings that control logging.

Log level (verbosity) can be set, logging to disk can be enabled/disabled and the directory where log files are stored can be set.
Log level can also be set on the command line when starting Butler SOS, using the --loglevel option.

Log files are kept for 30 days, after which they are automatically deleted.

Settings in main config file

  # Logging configuration
  logLevel: info          # Log level. Possible log levels are silly, debug, verbose, info, warn, error
  fileLogging: true       # true/false to enable/disable logging to disk file
  logDirectory: log       # Subdirectory where log files are stored
Last modified June 4, 2024: 10.0.0 (b550fb8)