Docker healthcheck

Docker has a concept of “health checks”, which is a way for Docker containers to tell the Docker runtime engine that the container is alive and well. Butler SOS can be configured to send such health check messages to Docker.

Note: Sending health check messages is only meaningful when running Butler SOS as a Docker container.

Settings in main config file

  # Docker health checks are used when running Butler SOS as a Docker container. 
  # The Docker engine will call the container's health check REST endpoint with a set interval to determine
  # whether the container is alive/well or not.
  # If you are not running Butler SOS in Docker you can safely disable this feature. 
    enable: true                    # Control whether a REST endpoint will be set up to serve Docker health check messages
    port: 12398                     # Port the Docker health check service runs on (if enabled)
Last modified November 28, 2021: Update for v7.0 release (cdcce5e)