Getting started

Taking your first steps.

Butler SOS is written in Node.js, which is a cross-platform programming environment. This means most kinds of computers and servers can be used to run Butler SOS, including Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

Setting up Butler SOS is pretty straightforward, but you do need a working understanding of Qlik Sense admin tasks. For example, you need to export certificates from the QMC, as well as installing Butler SOS itself.

Choosing a platform - what are the options?

You can run Butler SOS on several platforms, each with their own pros and cons. This section should help you decide which hosting platform is right for you.

Install & Configure

The steps needed for installing and configuring vary slightly depending on what platform you use. The details are found here.

Available Metrics

In order to create graphs in for example Grafana, you must understand what metrics are available and how they are structured.

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