Available Metrics: Prometheus

In order to create graphs in for example Grafana, you must understand what metrics are available and how they are structured.


Metrics retrieved from the Sense servers can be stored in Prometheus. You don’t have to be a Prometheus expert to use Butler SOS, but understanding some basic concepts are helpful.

Storing metrics in Prometheus is not mandatory, but some kind of metrics storage - either in Prometheus, InfluxDB or New Relic - is needed to take full benefit of Butler SOS’ features.

Prometheus gathers metrics by “scraping” data from web pages (“endpoints”) on which metrics are displayed in a well specified format.
Most metrics from the Sense servers are exposed on a Prometheus compatible endpoint, but not all.
InfluxDB is more flexible for some types of data, while Prometheus provides more easily used features for data aggregation when data should be displaued in Grafana.

Prometheus endpoint

Prometheus is enabled/disabled in the Butler-SOS.prometheus section in the config file. Prometheus metrics are available on the /metrics URL on the IP and port specified in the config file.

For example, if the host is and the port is 9842, Butler SOS will listen on port 9842 on all available network interfaces. If the Butler SOS’ server’s IP address is, a call from a web browser can look like this:

Prometheus metrics in web browser

This is the web page Prometheus will scrape and ingest into it’s time-series database.

Overview of Prometheus

In contrast to InfluxDB, to which Butler SOS pushes data, Prometheus works the other way around.
The Prometheus server is responsible for gathering data exposed by the systems that should be monitored (for example Butler SOS).

The basic concepts are

  • Metrics represent the measurements of interest. “fields” in InfluxDB.
  • Labels are used to categorize metrics (similar to tags in InfluxDB).


The labels available for all Prometheus metrics are:

Label name Source Description
host Butler-SOS.serversToMonitor.servers[].host Host IP or FQDN of the server from which the metric comes.
server_name Butler-SOS.serversToMonitor.servers[].serverName Human friendly server name.
server_description Butler-SOS.serversToMonitor.servers[].serverDescription Human friendly server description.
Butler-SOS.serversToMonitor.servers[].serverTags.* All tags defined in the config file will be added as Prometheus labels.


Available metrics are similar to those in InfluxDB, with a few exceptions.

Prometheus is awesome when it comes to storing all kinds of measurements, but it doesn’t offer a good way to store strings.
For that reason Butler SOS metrics involving strings (for example list of apps loaded in memory) are not available on the Prometheus endpoint.
Most of the metrics come from Qlik Sense’ health check API.

Qlik Sense metrics

These are the Prometheus metrics exposed by Butler SOS:

Metric Type Description
butlersos_apps_calls Gauge Total number of requests made to the Qlik Sense engine.
butlersos_apps_selections Gauge Total number of selections made to the Qlik Sense engine.
butlersos_apps_activedocs_total Gauge Number of active apps. An app is active when a user is currently performing some action on it.
butlersos_apps_inmemorydocs_total Gauge Number of apps apps currently loaded into memory, even if they do not have any open sessions or connections to it. Apps disappear from this metric when the engine has purged them from memory.
butlersos_apps_loadeddocs_total Gauge Number of apps apps currently loaded into memory, that also have open sessions or connections.
butlersos_cache_added Gauge Number of cache objects added.
butlersos_cache_hits Gauge Number of cache hits.
butlersos_cache_lookups Gauge Number of cache lookups.
butlersos_cache_replaced Gauge Number of cache replaced cache objects.
butlersos_cache_saturated Gauge When the value is 1, the engine is running with high resource usage; otherwise the value is 0.
butlersos_cpu_total Gauge Percentage of the CPU used by the engine, averaged over a time period of 30 seconds.
butlersos_mem_committed Gauge The total amount of committed memory for the engine process in MB.
butlersos_mem_allocated Gauge The total amount of allocated memory (committed + reserved) from the operating system in MB.
butlersos_mem_free Gauge The total amount of free memory (minimum of free virtual and physical memory) in MB.
butlersos_session_active Gauge Number of active engine sessions. A session is active when a user is currently performing some action on an app, for example, making selections or creating content.
butlersos_session_total Gauge Total number of engine sessions.
butlersos_users_active Gauge Number of distinct active users. An active user is one who is currently performing an action on an app.
butlersos_users_total Gauge Total number of distinct users within the current engine sessions.
butlersos_engine_metadata Gauge Metadata about the Qlik Sense engine.
butlersos_user_session_total Gauge Number of sessions (as reported by the proxy service).

Node.js metrics

A set of Node.js specific metrics are also available on Butler SOS’ Prometheus endpoint.
These are described in the “Default metrics” section on this page.