Configuring user sessions

What’s this?

A description of what user sessions are is available in the Concepts section.

Detailed user session metrics are retrieved for all virtual proxies specified in the Butler-SOS.serversToMonitor.servers[].userSessions.VirtualProxies[] array.

In other words: For each monitored Sense server it is possible to specify which of the server’s proxy service’s virtual proxies should be monitored with respect to per-user session metrics.
Right, that’s a long sentence…

Let’s try again: For each monitored Sense server, decide which virtual proxies should be monitored.
Enter those proxies in the Butler-SOS.serversToMonitor.servers[].userSessions.VirtualProxies[] array for the server in question.


In order to get detailed, per-user and virtual proxy session info you need to

  1. Configure the Butler-SOS.userSessions section of the config file with general parameters about how often sessions should be polled, user blacklist etc.
    Don’t forget to set Butler-SOS.userSessions.enableSessionExtract to true.
  2. For each server then set Butler-SOS.serversToMonitor.servers[].userSessions.enable to true and specify which virtual proxies should be monitored.

You will only get user session info if you configure both the points above.

Settings in main config file

  # Sessions per virtual proxy
    enableSessionExtract: true      # Query unique user IDs of what users have sessions open (true/false)?
    # Items below are mandatory if enableSessionExtract=true    
    pollingInterval: 30000        # How often (milliseconds) should session data be polled?
    excludeUser:                  # Optional blacklist of users that should be disregarded when it comes to session monitoring.
                                  # Blacklist is only applied to data in InfluxDB. All session data will be sent to MQTT.
      - directory: LAB
        userId: testuser1
      - directory: LAB
        userId: testuser2
    # Sense Servers that should be queried for healthcheck data 
      - host: <>:4747
        serverName: <server1>
        serverDescription: <description>
        logDbHost: <host name as used in QLogs db>
          enable: true
          # Items below are mandatory if userSessions.enable=true
          host: <>:4243
            - virtualProxy: /                 # Default virtual proxy
            - virtualProxy: /hdr              # "hdr" virtual proxy
            - virtualProxy: /sales            # "sales" virtual proxy

Last modified September 8, 2021: v6.0.0 update (47e5e7d)