Configuring user sessions

What’s this?

A description of what user sessions are is available in the Concepts section.

Detailed user session metrics are retrieved for all virtual proxies specified in the Butler-SOS.serversToMonitor.servers[].userSessions.VirtualProxies[] array.

In other words: For each monitored Sense server it is possible to specify which of the server’s proxy service’s virtual proxies should be monitored with respect to per-user session metrics.
Right, that’s a long sentence…

Let’s try again: For each monitored Sense server, decide which virtual proxies should be monitored.
Enter those virtual proxies in the Butler-SOS.serversToMonitor.servers[].userSessions.VirtualProxies[] array for the server in question.


In order to get detailed, per-user and virtual proxy session info you need to

  1. Configure the Butler-SOS.userSessions section of the config file with general parameters about how often sessions should be polled, user blacklist etc.
    Don’t forget to set Butler-SOS.userSessions.enableSessionExtract to true.
  2. For each server then set Butler-SOS.serversToMonitor.servers[].userSessions.enable to true and specify which virtual proxies should be monitored.

You will only get user session info if you configure both the points above.

Settings in main config file


The config snippet below comes from the production_template.yaml file.

Being a template, it contains examples on how configuration may be done - not necessarily how it should be done.
For example, the LAB/testuser1 and LAB/testuser2 user are optional and can be changed to something else, or removed all together if not used.

  # Sessions per virtual proxy
    enableSessionExtract: true      # Query unique user IDs of what users have sessions open (true/false)?
    # Items below are mandatory if enableSessionExtract=true    
    pollingInterval: 30000        # How often (milliseconds) should session data be polled?
    excludeUser:                  # Optional blacklist of users that should be disregarded when it comes to session monitoring.
                                  # Blacklist is only applied to data in InfluxDB. All session data will be sent to MQTT.
      - directory: LAB
        userId: testuser1
      - directory: LAB
        userId: testuser2
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