Setting up Prometheus

Butler SOS can store metrics in Prometheus.

What’s this?

Prometheus is the de-facto standard, open source tool-set for achieving observability of small and large scale IT systems.

At its heart Prometheus contains a time-series databas optimized for storing various kinds of measurements. It has strong support for doing dimensional queries, great integrations with incident managament tools and more.

Looking at the visualisation side of things, Prometheus is Grafana’s preferred source for time-series data.

Settings in main config file

  # Prometheus config
  # If enabled, select Butler SOS metrics will be exposed on a Prometheus compatible URL from where they can be scraped.
    enable: false                                    # Default false
    host: <IP or FQDN where Butler SOS is running>  # On what IP/FQDN should the Prometheus metrics be exposed? Default, i.e. all available IPs
    port: 9842      

Last modified September 8, 2021: v6.0.0 update (47e5e7d)