Version history

Features are added, bugs fixed. The version history keeps track of what’s happened.

In the spirit of not copying information to several places, the version history is kept as annotations of each release on the GitHub release page.

Version numbers include up to 3 levels, for example version 4.6.2 (which is a fictitious version):

4 is the major version. It is increased when Butler SOS has added major new features, or in other ways changed in major ways.
6 is the minor version. This indicates a smaller update, when one or a few minor features have been added.
2 is the patch level. When individual bugs are fixed, these are released with an increased patch level.

Note 1: Major and minor updates usually include bug fixes too.
Note 2: If a version of 5.2 is mentioned, this implicitly means 5.2.0.

Documentation updates

An informal, best effort list of documentation updates follow. Most recent changes are listed first.

Date Change description
2019-Oct First version of new documentation site, covering Butler SOS 5.0.

Last modified October 17, 2019: 5.0 RC1 (8b48a07)