Linux and Mac OS

Running Butler SOS in Linux and Mac OS. Installation and configuration.


This scenario is identical to the Windows scenario, please refer to that page for details. Keep in mind that the format of file systems paths differ between Windows and Linxu/Mac OS.


Once again, same thing as on Windows.


Environment variables

There is a dependency between the name of the YAML configuration file and the NODE_ENV environment variable.

The production.yaml file can be named anything, as long as it matches the value of the NODE_ENV environment variable.
For example, if the config file is called production.yaml, the NODE_ENV environment variable should be set to ‘production’.

In Linux you do this by export NODE_ENV=production in a shell prompt, or even better as a server wide setting.

Stayin’ alive

A Node process monitor can be used on Linux or Mac OS, just a on Windows. Tools like PM2 in fact usually work better on Linux/Mac OS than on Windows..

You can probably also use Linux’ standard service layer to start Butler SOS, that has not been tested though.

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