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Setting up MQTT messaging

Butler SOS can use MQTT as a channel for pub-sub style M2M (machine to machine) messages. This page describes how to configure MQTT in Butler SOS.

What’s this?

MQTT is a light weight messaging protocol based on a publish-subscribe metaphore. It is widely used in Internet of Things and telecom sectors.

MQTT has features such as guaranteed delivery of messages, which makes it very useful for communicating between Sense and both up- and downstream source/destination systems.

Butler SOS can be configured to forward various metrics and events from Sense as MQTT messages. In order to do so, some shared configuration needs to be in place first. This section covers that configuration.

Specifically, a MQTT broker/gateway has to be configured. All MQTT messages from Butler SOS will be sent to this broker.

Settings in main config file

  # MQTT config parameters
    enable: false
    # Items below are mandatory if mqttConfig.enable=true
    brokerHost: <IP of MQTT broker/server>
    brokerPort: 1883
    baseTopic: butler-sos/          # Default topic used if not not oherwise specified elsewhere. Should end with /