v5.5.0: Multi architecture support for Docker images

Version 5.5.0 has been relased on GitHub.

This is a minor release, yet a milestone.

Arm CPUs are no longer just something used in mobile gadgets, they are quickly becoming a real option also for server workloads. For that reason Butler SOS now builds Docker images for the Arm64 and Arm architectures, and publish these on Docker Hub.

This might seem like a less than relevant development, but it opens up for running Butler SOS in pretty much any kind of Docker or Kubernetes environment, including Arm based ones.

On a more concrete level you can now run Butler SOS on Arm powered AWS EC2 instances. Again - why is this important? Well, these instances offer better price/energy/performance than x86 ditto instances. Money rules.

Or on a Raspberry Pi - the newer Raspi 4 is preferred, but even several of the older 32 bit ones are supported.
No, you should not use Raspberry Pis for production scenarios, but it’s a pretty cool demo to use them in a super cheap, low power Kubernetes cluster used to monitor a Qlik Sense environment.

List of changes:

  • #121 Build Docker images for amd64, arm64 and arm.