v5.4.0: Sorted out some issues with app names

Version 5.4.0 has been relased on GitHub.

This is a significant release.

As the config file format has changed, care should be taken when upgrading from previous versions of Butler SOS.
The current file format of the config file is described here.

List of changes:

  • #105 Choose whether or not to store info about session apps in Influxdb.
  • #107 Log Butler SOS’ own memory use to Influxdb.
  • #108 Add user configurable uptime messages.
  • #110 User configurable Docker healthcheck service.
  • #111 Update docs to explain need for new certs from Feb 2020 and onward.
  • #112 Update Grafana demo dashboards.
  • #113 Missing committed mem metric.
  • #115 Merge overview session measurements in Influxdb a single measurement.
  • #116 Use InfluxDB tags when storing ButlerSOS own memory usage.
  • #117 Support for monitoring