v5.2.0: App names & heartbeats

Version 5.2.0 has been relased on GitHub.

The most requested feature over the past few years has probably been to have app names stored in Influxdb, so they can be include in Grafanaa dashboards. This feature has been added, and several others:

These issues are fixed in 5.2.0:

  • #87 Add heartbeat feature for monitoring of butler-sos.
  • #88 Add logging of uptime.
  • #89 Log memory usage of Butler SOS itself.
  • #91 Replace Request with Axios.
  • #92 Support password protected certificates exported from Qlik Sense.
  • #94 Switch from Travis to Drone CI/CD.
  • #67 Show App names in addition to app ids.

Doc site at has also been updated with respect to the above.